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Mindfulness-Based Grief and Loss Gatherings

Lighting the path

Date: Sunday, April 7, 2024 

Time: 1-2:30 PM

Location: Yoga Barn, Severna Park

Grief is a tender, delicate emotion that is often left unexplored until loss, as poet Danna Faulds says,"rips off the doors of the heart." The passing of a beloved family member, the painful unraveling of a marriage, the departure of a child from the nest, the dissolution of a relationship, the loss of a job, or the passing of a loyal pet, can cast us into a sea of desolation, despair, and an unsettling detachment from our innate wholeness. 

This 90 minute mindfulness-based, trauma informed gathering offers a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for processing grief and loss using the ancient movement and stillness practices of yoga and mindfulness meditation, along with the therapeutic benefit of insight and expertise from a licensed grief counselor. This gathering is being offered to promote balance, resilience, quality of life and peace after loss, while providing community, connection and support in a safe, nurturing group setting.

The 1.5 hour gathering includes:


Trauma Informed Grief Yoga Class:

40 minute, trauma informed, all levels, gentle grief yoga class tailored to address the physical and emotional toll of grief. You will be guided through nurturing postures and movements to alleviate tension, release emotional blockages, and cultivate self-compassion. This class offers a safe space for you to reconnect with your body and honor your grief.

Mindfulness Meditation:

20 minute guided mindfulness meditation allowing you to be present with your feelings and develop resilience for managing your grief and loss. This meditation session offers a sanctuary where you can process your grief with clarity and compassion.

Therapeutic Support:

30-minute intimate conversation with grief and loss specialist, Marna Brickman, LCSW-C, to uncover valuable tools and resources designed to help you manage the intricate tapestry of emotions that grief presents. You'll also learn about ways to resource yourself though the holiday season and beyond. 



Connect with others who are also seeking healing and build a network of support. This community provides a space for shared experiences, empathy, and understanding. You are not alone on this journey.

Cost: $50 per person

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